I do..

I am..
John Daniel Castillo
but you probably know that already

Like most people, I am not very good at writing about myself, but here goes..


John holds a degree in BS Business Administration, majoring Management. He have worked on projects concerning graphics, branding and web design, both in full-time and freelance for 7+ years.

Currently, he work as a Web Designer at Ubertor.


John is a self-taught visual designer focusing on graphic design with a fair bit of front-end coding work thrown into the mix.

He believe that the primary role of design, in any form, is communication: it’s goal is to convey information to the viewer effectively, and solve problems.

When not designing, you can catch him reading, doodling, biking, banging drums or playing video games

I say..

I can add lots of fancy adjectives here but.. yeah.. here’s what I’ve been thinking recently..

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Let’s talk..


M: (+63)942.362.9271
E: phantomdain@gmail.com

Enough about me,

let's talk about you and how I can help you go from point A to point B through good design.